A Rainy Day Read: Four musts when planning a wedding!

Being a bride today comes with a lot of options. Weddings are not just your typical hosted event from a church to a reception hall; weddings are so much more than that. Not only is it a day for you and your significant other to celebrate the beginning of the rest of your life but it’s also an event to show off to your friends & family a deeper look into just what the two of you are all about.

Planning weddings is something I find so exciting because every couple is different.  They can be traditional and simple or over the top, some brides what the *wow* factor when their guests arrive to the venue. Some brides are more rustic and earthy incorporating more greens and nature or maybe just softer colors. Some brides are glam, sparkles and glitter everywhere. No matter what kind of bride you are there are soo many things you can do to spice up your wedding and give it that extra –flare-

Here are a few things to help brides get going in the direction that they want to take…

1.) START PINNING: Have you not made a pinterest account yet? You should. Pinterest is a great way to organize some ideas online and see examples of what you do or do not like.  Create boards for different parts of your wedding and label them, Colors, Flowers, Hair Inspo, Centerpieces, etc. The list goes on. Once you have a view of what you are drawn to and keep pinning you’ll have a better feel for what really sparks your interest. You can either share with your wedding planner or your vendors that you hired to show them a better idea of the look that you are going for.  (follow us on Pinterest – @Prestige/Barkley )

 2.) READ BLOGS:  Blogs are fantastic. Especially on sites like, Style me Pretty, or you can find some on the Knot, mostly all wedding blogs highlight the details of a wedding. The bride and groom typically have some details that differ from your average wedding. It’s really helpful inspiration and at the bottom of each blog it usually lists all the vendors. From there you can click on their website and see where they are from, and learn more about them. Some photographers for example travel, it’s not a bad thing to reach out and email stating you like their work and are interested in what they can offer you! (WE TRAVEL ALL OVER :) CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE.. prestigebarkley.com )

3.) KEEP YOUR PLANNING TO A MINIMUM NUMBER OF HELPERS: Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun but it can also be very stressful. A newly engaged couple will always get that initial I want to help you plan!from some friends or family. It is very nice and thoughtful but in the long run it can create unnescessary stress. If you dont have a planner, pick someone or a few people who you trust and who you know will add positive energy to your planning. You want someone who will support your ideas and make them happen. You do not want someone who will put them down and want you to change your mind use their ideas or judgment. Different opinions can come through when picking out what YOU the bride likes best which can in the end lead to a disagreement. -So avoid that and only let a few people in on your wedding day ambiance.

4.) DON’T BE AFARID TO ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT: When choosing a vendor it’s important to really research and find what you want. Make a list! When emailing with the selected vendor or talking on the phone have a list pre-written out with what you really want and ask if they can help get there. Don’t feel like you’re annoying them by asking too many questions or repeating yourself. They want your business and more importantly they want you to be happy. A good vendor will want to please you in many differnt ways leaving you on a good note so you refer them to others. Believe me- people ask millions on questions about various packages, offers, or add-ons! So ask away!

Good Luck with all your planning to all you brides to-be out there! If you need any reccomendations please feel free to comment & ask. Or email me at nicole@prestigebarkley.com !


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